Working on Climbing Technique


If you have an interest in climbing at your local climbing wall Yorkshire, you will understandably know what it takes to perfect the ascent up an indoor climbing wall Yorkshire. It not only takes a lot of strength both mentally and physically, but also technique to climb as efficiently as possible.


If you have been climbing for a while now, you might have adopted some bad habits which aren’t necessarily helpful when it comes to scaling the wall. But, don’t worry as you can move away from these with a little more hard work and focus! If not, you can pick up the best habits right away. So, whenever you find yourself at the wall on your day out Yorkshire, consider the following.


The most important thing when it comes to the climbing wall Yorkshire is how you use your feet! A lot of the time when people first start the activity, they rely too much on pulling with their arms to stay on the wall. This is quite counterintuitive, especially on climbs where you don’t need to use your arms too much, to keep your center of gravity correct. Typically, when you need to keep your arms straight and make effective use of your legs and core, it comes down to overhanged climbs.


Additionally, having proper footwork, such as using your toes as often as possible, is best to achieve the most accurate foot placement. If you can only use a portion of the space on a foothold, this means when it comes to a foot swap there’s no need for imbalanced hopping. Whenever you find yourself at a wall on your day out Yorkshire, try and be more mindful when it comes to your feet! You’ll soon see massive improvement in your overall climbing technique.


Your core work is just as important as your feet. When you direct most of your energy to your trunk and core, you’ll find your climbs a lot easier to send when next at your indoor climbing wall Yorkshire . There are many exercises you can do on the wall to improve the use of your core for your technique. When you’re at your local climbing wall Yorkshire, pick an easy route, and try the twisting motion on a slightly overhanging wall.


With your right foot on the wall, with your next reaching hand hold on the right, use your hips and twist into the wall and up whilst keeping your left hand on the wall straight. It helps to flag your foot here too, as it keeps your center of gravity in check. Other techniques to try when you’re next using your indoor climbing wall Yorkshire, is squeezing your glutes (buttocks). By squeezing your glutes, you’ll find you have much more control as well as power when it comes to ascending the route.


Lastly, before attempting to send any climb, aim to read the route before going up it. You can visualize your choreography in either 3rd or 1st person, whichever you find easiest. This way you’ll find a lot less energy is wasted while on the wall, trying to figure out what your next move is! So, on your next day out Yorkshire at the wall, give these exercises and tips above, and note the difference!

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