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Snowshoes open up your favorite hiking trails and terrain for all kinds of winter fun thanks to its platform for floatation and added traction underfoot. Below is a breakdown of the best models of snowshoes for the 2020-2021 season. The good news is that there are plenty of quality options from brands like MSR, Atlas, Tubbs, TSL, and more.

MSR Lightning Ascent

MSR is best-known for its snowshoes, and their Lightning Ascent puts it all together. These snowshoes are built on a good quality steel frame with nylon decking that feels light and can take on anything from powder to packed trails and challenging mountain terrain. Best in class, its traction system comes with a sturdy crampon and rails running both lengths- and width-wise that bite confidently into anything from ice to soft snow. Plus, the design is more modern without compromising comfort or foothold

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MSR Evo Trail

Evo Trail is another MSR snowshoe that is an outstanding value and remains a favorite year after year. Capable recreational option, this snowshoe is highly recommended for those who are interested in mostly casual use. It comes with a durable plastic decking, impressive traction with side rails made of steel and solid toe crampons, and rubber binding that are easy to put on.

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Tubbs Mountaineer

The Tubbs Mountaineer is probably the best snowshoe on this list when it comes to breaking new trails. The frame and decking of this snowshoe are burly and extensive, and its 36-inch model allows you to make your way through some deep powder. Its crampons and traction may not appear much of an upgrade from the standard Tubbs models, but it guarantees you real performance. The deep and durable Anaconda crampons feature eight teeth under your toes and the ball of your foot.

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TSL Hyperflex Racing

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Most snowshoes on this list are built for getting off-trail in more serious terrain or casual winter hiking. However, Hyperflex Racing is a snowshoe for running. With this snowshoe, you don’t have to give up your favorite pastime just because the snow starts falling. With an ultra-light design and a trimmed-down build, the Hyperflex is built for moving fast. Don’t expect serious flotation here —the minimalist frameworks best over packed snow, and the narrow tails aren’t meant for powder, but for runners and racers, TSL Hyperflex Racing is a top pick for this winter.

Atlas Spark

One of the best adventures you can do with your family in the winter is snowshoeing, and no pricey downhill ski pass is required. The Atlas Spark is a quality option for kids with a straightforward aluminum frame, nylon decking, and an easy-to-use binding system with a simple strap design and foam for comfort. The result is excellent floatation and grip with a lightweight feel that won’t weigh your little ones down.

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Crescent Moon Gold 9

Crescent Moon is a Boulder-based company that specializes in snowshoes, assembles them in the US with high-end materials, and is known for its standout repair and warranty policy. From their lineup, the Gold 9 offers solid versatility for trail hiking. It has a rockered shape and 27-inch length balance walkability with flotation in soft snow. The binding system provides a comfortable and secure hold, and the steel traction is reliable and sturdy.

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