Ways to Gain Muscle Fast at Home


The beauty of working out at home is that you are more free to monitor your performance, adjust your time, and you won’t even have to travel all the way to the gym just to work out. Out of the different ways to gain muscle fast, these six ways to gain muscle fast at home are very convenient and easy to do.

These different ways to gain muscle fast consist of some exercises which can be done at home at any time you feel like working out. Here are six ways to gain muscle fast at home:


The basic pushup is really effective no matter what you say. Doing at least one hundred a day and gradually increasing provides you with results no matter how slow. If you only have five minutes to work out, try doing one hundred pushups, then later on when you feel like your body is getting lighter, move on to two hundred then go on further. You can never go wrong with pushups.

Different pushups

There are many different variations of pushups and you may be asking what differentiates them but keep in mind that the basic pushup is designed to be a whole body workout. What does that mean? This means that it focuses on your whole body which is why it’s growth is gradually slow. Now the beauty of different variations of pushups is that they focus on specific parts of your body which allow growth in that area to be faster than normal. There are hundreds of different pushups which you can try to be able to achieve the kind of body you want!

Combination of pushups

Combining different pushups together allow you to accelerate the growth of your muscles faster than usual. Why is this so? Because if you work on related parts of your body, they will grow together which means that if a certain variation of pushups focuses on your triceps, it also involves your chest. Which is why if you focus on your chest afterwards, it will grow faster since it has already been growing.


Pullups may be really hard to do at first but once you get a hold of it, nothing can stop you! The only thing that hinders you from doing a certain amount of pullups is strength. Strength can be really hard to improve because it is not just about size but it is about how your muscles are able to work together to be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure.

Lifting certain household items

Tires, sacks of soil, cement, these are only a few things you can find in your house that can help you gain muscle. There are also certain household items that can help you perform certain pushup variations that help accelerate growth like a chair for example. With a chair as a prop, you will be able to perform inclined pushups which has a massive effect on your chest. You can even perform tricep dips on your chair. Try them out and see how normal household items help you get a long way.

Combination of all

A combination of everything results to a healthy workout! Maximizing each part of your body allows growth to become faster and more certain. Working out is not just about focusing on one part of your body, a healthy workout makes sure each part of your body is maximized for full optimization.

One thing you should never forget is your nutrition and although a lot of people say that it is impossible to go on a diet, there are other ways for you to get the nutrition you need. Supplements for building muscle fast allow you to get the right amount of the right nutrition to make sure your body has something to build with. These supplements for building muscle fast have been proven to be the best not just by opinion but by results. Check their products out today and find the perfect supplements for building muscle fast for you.

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