Exactly How to Select a Tennis Racquet For Beginners


If selecting a tennis racquet for a newbie, generally there are several questions to consider.

Is the racquet for a child or a mature sized person?

Will the player require help making power for your shots? Or will you require more control? – In other words, exactly how actually powerful is the player?

Does the tennis player assume to stay a leisure player, or do they want to become much more competitive?

Just what is your budget?

No issue exactly how you answer these questions, below you will be able to find an excellent choice below.

Most great tennis racquets for beginner players have several features to help newbies play well.

Racquet Sizes

The initial is the frame size. Generally, newbies will want to pick a racquet with a quite large frame particularly when you will require help making power on your shots.

Since you have never (or rarely) performed tennis before, you will also want a racquet that is more forgiving. Roger Federer can use a little racquet because he hits the ball at the same spot on the guitar strings every single time.

People who are simply beginning will make contact with the ball all over the strings, so you would like to have an extra-large racquet head. More than 100 square inches is best for players new to the sport. This will provide you exactly what is called a big sweet spot. The larger the sweet spot, the less precise you have to be with your point of contact.

This will provide you exactly what is called a big sweet spot. The larger the sweet spot, the less precise you have to be with your point of contact.

Racquet Requirements Chart Dependent on Skill Level

Here is a general chart that shows tennis racquet requirements for several types of players.

Obviously, this particular will vary dependent on your particular skill-set and there will be exclusions to this chart. For example, when you play a lot of other sports activities that involve hand-eye coordination, then you may not require as much help with power and can use a smaller sized racquet with a smaller sweet spot.

Grip Sizes

For grip size, you will see many racquets come with several options ranging from 4 ⅕ up to 4 ⅝. On the bottom of the racquet, you can get the grip size. Occasionally, there is a number representing the size between 1 and 5 instead of a portion (see image to right).

Most participants should use 4⅜ – look for 4⅜ or a 3 on the bottom of the handle. If you have small hands, then you can start with a 4¼ (2), and if you have larger hands go with a 4½ (4).

I have a 4 grip size on one of my racquets and a 3 on the other. I use the additional grip on the smaller sized racquet to make them sense the same and it works excellent. So when you are not sure, select the smaller option, and when it is too tiny you can add overgrips to make up for the difference. However, when you order it too big, there is not a lot you may do.

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